DLC重炮母舰 音轨包

重炮母舰 音轨包 MOTHERGUNSHIP OST 杉果游戏 sonkwo


慢慢来,这些机器人外星人占据了我们的星球 窃取了我们公民的思想,可以等待。不要担心其他人类的生命!只要戴上你那疯狂的高科技耳机 让音乐充斥你的脑海,至少在你还在的时候……

作曲家:Mike Mirabello,支持:Skew Sound 和 Steve Pardo

01 Mothergunship Main Menu
02 Fully Autonomous and Isolated from the Rest of the Resistance (Headquarters Ambient)
03 That’s Our Target
04 Don’t Melt Your Face Off (Foundry Action)
05 That’s How You Know I’m the Boss (Harbinger Action)
06 We Need Intel About Intel About Getting Intel (Harbinger Ambient)
07 I’m Pretty Sure He’s Open Source (Generic Ambient)
08 Welcome Back You Died (Generic Ambient)
09 A Bag of Bricks in a Windstorm (Foundry Ambient)
10 You Don’t Really Care If I’m Offended (Harbinger Ambient)
11 I Have Thermal Vision Rachel (Neon Ambient)
12 Flight Squadrons Don’t Make You Cool (Foundry Ambient)
13 All Robots Have Auto Aim (Foundry Ambient)
14 I Plan on Explaining It Poorly (Neon Ambient)
15 I’m Going to Brick Myself. I’m Sure of It (Neon Action)
16 Never, Cupcake (Mothergunship Ambient)
17 Newly Divergent Data Will Be Destroyed (Mothergunship Action)
18 They’re Building Them as Fast as We Can Destroy Them (Special Ambient)
19 Your Presence Strongly Correlates with Spontaneous Ship Combustion (Mothergunship Ambient)
20 I’m the Only Authentic One Here (Special Ambient)
21 He’s Just Some Dude Who Found a Cool Hat (Special Ambient)
22 I Really Hate Datacores
23 A Little Bird Told Me It Was My Birthday
24 A Toggy Trepidation (Tower of Guns Reprisal)
25 Smuggler’s BossaNova (SkewSound, Composed by Steve Pardo)
26 Its NOT a Teleporter (Doom Factory Ambient)
27 Your Toy Will Suck (Doom Factory Action)
28 I Worked With What I Had (Doom Factory Action)