DLC领主与村民 原声音轨

Lords and Villeins Soundtrack
领主与村民 原声音轨 Lords and Villeins Soundtrack 杉果游戏 sonkwo


Lords and Villeins Original Game Soundtrack
Author: Adam Bow

Lords and Ladies, by a royal decree it is now allowed to purchase the soothing, relaxing tunes from Lords and Villeins and listen to them even when not busy governing your medieval village!

Available formats: 320kbps MP3, 1411kbps WAV


  1. Majesty and Might
  2. Permeating Pollen
  3. Lambs in the Meadow
  4. Blooming Flowers
  5. The Days Grow Longer
  6. Chirping Cicadas
  7. Midsummer Festival
  8. Late Night Sunset
  9. Flora Warming in Colour
  10. Yellow Trees
  11. Pumpkin Harvest
  12. Falling Leaves
  13. The First Snowfall
  14. Frosty Morning
  15. Icy Breeze
  16. Frozen Lake
  17. Melting Snow


艺术家: Adam Bow